The MRS BEE gemstones

Each MRS BEE stone is hand-picked: MRS BEE selects the real 'beachy beauties' from the worldwide range. She assesses the gemstones with knowledge, skill and enthusiasm, using her own definition of beauty.

MRS MEE Maansteeen facet_maansteen cabochon

Moonstone is strongly connected to the moon and feminine energy. The gemstone promotes intuition and fertility and has a calming influence on emotions. The gemstone also has a strong effect on sleep and dreams, helping with insomnia and to remember dreams better.

In ancient times, moonstone gemstones were thought to be created by moon rays. The most evident quality is their adularescence, that is the milky look typical of semi-transparent and transparent gems. Their exclusive internal structure and microcrystal inclusions create a dense appearance that is reflected across the whole surface. The moonstones from MRS BEE are of the absolute best AAA quality.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of the many quartz varieties used as a gemstone material. It always appears hazy to translucent due to microscopic fibrous inclusions. Rose quartz is ideal to celebrate a 5th wedding anniversary. Also known as the ‘love stone’, it was said to balance emotions as well as heal anger and disappointment. All Rose quartz mounted by MRS BEE is clear and untreated.

MRS BEE Roze kwarts facet
MRS BEE Opaal cabochon

The name, initially used to describe other gems, comes from the island of Topazos, in the Red Sea. We only started using it as the Topaz gem we know today in the 8th century. The ancient Greeks believed that Topaz gave them strength. During the Renaissance in Europe, people thought that Topaz could break magic spells and dispel anger. For centuries, many people in India have believed that wearing topaz above the heart assures long life, beauty, and intelligence. Pure Topaz is colourless and transparent, known as allochromatic, and trace elements such as chromium, iron and manganese are responsible for its various tints.

Rock Crystal

Clear crystal, Rock Crystal or rhinestone was the first gemstone described as crystal. The ancient Greeks called it 'Crystalos' which means 'permanent ice’ because they thought that the ice had frozen so solidly that it could not melt. Rhinestone is also considered to be the stone of light. Some Indian tribes gave a rhinestone to the dead to take the soul to the light. The clearer the stone, the higher the quality.

MRS BEE Bergkristal Football cut
MRS BEE Groene kwarts facet_groene kwarts cabochon
Green Quartz

Green Quartz is a stone of transformative energies. It transmutes negative energy into positive energy without releasing it into the atmosphere. Green Quartz is excellent for stimulating creativity and intuition. It can transform negative energy into positive energy, can bring success and prosperity and attracts abundance. ‘Green amethyst’ is actually ‘green quartz’. Amethyst itself is purple quartz. Gemstones are usually known by their mineral name, such as ‘diamond’, ‘beryl’, or ‘emerald’. Some stones, however, have become known by their colour. 


Turquoise is arguably the longest-used ornamental stone. Turquoise beads have been found in Iraq dating back to 5000 BC. The Egyptians excavated the stone in the Sinai desert in 3200 BC. It is the national stone of Iran and was the most precious stone of Tibet for many centuries. About 1000 years ago, the American Indians began to mine and process turquoise. The gemstone has been found in graves from Argentina to the south of the United States. Today, the best turquoise comes from Iran, Afghanistan, Australia, Tibet and the Southwestern United States.

Turquoise is a protective gemstone, bringing harmony and balance in life. It is used as a talisman.

MRS BEE uses the Sleeping Beauty turquoise in its jewellery. The Sleeping Beauty turquoise mine in Arizona USA was named after the mountain range where it is located, which, from a distance, is said to resemble a sleeping woman with her arms crossed. Regular turquoise is a popular blue stone that has a matrix (remnants of the rock it came from). But people revere the Sleeping Beauty turquoise for its light blue colour and clean look with little to no matrix. It is the most valuable and wanted turquoise on the planet.

MRS BEE Turquoise cabochon
MRS BEE Morganiet cabochon

Morganite is a pink, almost translucent stone with a glassy luster. The stone belongs to the beryl family. Morganite has a calming effect, reduces (the effects of) stress, and makes you goal-oriented, efficient, clear-headed, focused and helps you realize your potential. It can be used as a meditation stone.


Amethyst is a lilac to dark purple, translucent stone with a glassy luster. The stone belongs to the macrocrystalline quartz family. Amethyst has a protective and purifying effect. The stone promotes self-insight and helps you to be honest with yourself. Together with rock crystal and rose quartz it creates a harmonious atmosphere. Amethyst also has a cleansing effect on the body and a positive influence on the nervous system, headaches and migraines and nightmares and other sleeping problems.

MRS BEE Amethist football facet_amethist cabochon
MRS BEE Calcedoon

Chalcedony is a group of cryptocrystalline quartzes with a fibrous structure. Chalcedony has a strong influence on communication. Both on the ability to listen and on eloquence, the ability to express oneself well, diplomacy and language ability. The stone also makes social, optimistic, cheerful, creative, open, enthusiastic and promotes togetherness in groups. Chalcedony gives self-insight, self-confidence and thus promotes the ability to break through resistance and accept change. It has a positive effect on memory and calms moments of stress. This Calcedony is colored pink through and through.


Chrysoprase is a green chalcedony variety. Chrysoprase has a strong purifying effect, both mentally and physically. It reduces dependence on the love and approval of others (and therefore jealousy and heartbreak) and counteracts obsessive thoughts and compulsions. It reduces sleeping problems and nightmares and claustrophobia. Chrysoprase stimulates a positive attitude, acceptance, and trust in both yourself and the greater good. The stone enhances creativity and appreciation for beautiful things and art. It helps you to be more open to the spiritual side of life and to enter a meditative state.

MRS BEE Chrysopraas
White agate

White agate is bright white to off-white in color and can be translucent and opaque. In addition to the general properties of agate, white agate has a purifying and protective effect. It removes negative energy and blockages. This is a good stone to wear during pregnancy and childbirth because it works protective for both mother and child.